Frequently Asked Questions

Life Coaching FAQ's

What is a life coach?
A life coach is a guide, a guide to your goals. Life coaching is not counselling.
We all have answers to our issues within us, a life coach has specialised techniques to bring these answers to the surface and provide a space to create action plans for moving forward.
A life coach can assist you in moving towards your goals much faster, or help you find solutions to an issue that has you stuck.
Working with a coach can be life changing, setting you up on a new road to more joy and fulfillment.
How does life coaching work?
Life coaching is like a chat with a very skilled friend, that knows the right things to ask to elicit sources of untapped resources of imagination. Life coaching is a dynamic process that empowers individuals to achieve their goals, overcome obstacles, and enhance their overall well-being. Here’s how it works:
  • Goal Identification: A life coach collaborates with you to clarify your aspirations, whether personal or professional. Together, you define specific, measurable objectives.
  • Self-Exploration: Through deep conversations, the coach helps you explore your values, strengths, and areas for growth. This self-awareness forms the foundation for progress.
  • Action Planning: Coaches guide you in creating actionable steps to reach your goals. These plans consider your unique circumstances, resources, and timeline.
  • Accountability and Motivation: Regular coaching sessions keep you accountable. The coach provides encouragement, celebrates achievements, and helps you stay on track.
  • Skill Development: Coaches offer tools and techniques to enhance skills such as time management, communication, and emotional intelligence.
  • Shift in Perspectives: By challenging limiting beliefs and shifting perspectives, coaches empower you to see new possibilities and overcome mental barriers.
  • Results-Oriented Approach: Unlike therapy, which often delves into the past, coaching focuses on the present and future. It’s about achieving tangible outcomes.
What makes me different as a life coach?
Some "coaches" have no formal training.
Most trained coaches are taught the traditional model of coaching. The traditional model is great in many circumstances, but is limited in that it does not deal with past trauma. Of course this is fine if you are not affected by past trauma and want to level up.
There is also the dynamic model of coaching, which has additional flexibility and has an array of tools which can do much more. Such as working with past trauma and discovering personal values.
I am trained in both.

Why did I train in both?
Because this is my passion. I have spent over 10 years intensely working on myself and discovering my purpose. I did not just wake up one day and decide to become a life coach.
Seeing you conquor your goals fills me with joy, and I believe life coaching is one of the quickest ways for you to achieve your goals and live your most rewarding life.
Who can benefit from Life Coaching?
Almost anyone can benefit from life coaching.
I also benefit from regular coaching.

There are life coaches for all areas of life.
Business coaching, career coaching, relationship coaching, wealth coaches, just to name a few.

If you are stuck with any area of your life, or want to fast forward your progress, it is worth having a chat to a coach to see what they can do for you.
How long is a session?
My sessions go for 45 minutes to 1 hour.
The time difference is because, if we have a big breakthrough at 45 minutes, it may not make sense to start something new in that session.
What about ethical standards?
Your personal privacy and data is of my highest importance.

I am trained in and embody the International Coaching Federations code of ethics.
Your information is stored with cloud based tools that I personally spent a great deal of time researching. This provider is highly secure and GDPR compliant.
Any information you provide me is 100% confidential, and will never be repeated to others. (unless required by law).
Where are you located?
I am in Adelaide South Australia. However I perform Life Coaching anywhere in the world over zoom and phone.

Subconscious Belief Remodelling (PSYCH-K®) FAQ'S

What is Subconscious Belief Remodelling (PSYCH-K®)?
PSYCH-K® is a simple, yet effective way of creating powerful new subconscious beliefs.
This process surpasses, positive thinking and will power to have significant positive change in your life, rapidly and easily.

This is achieved by entering a "Whole-Brain State", which reduces the resistance of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind can then be rewritten, similar to a computer.

Research on the benefits of PSYCH-K® is available on the PSYCH-K® research page.
How do I prepare for a session?
No prior preparation is required.
How long is a session?
A typical session is 1 hour, but are available up to 90 minutes.
How long do the results last?
The result last as long as they are useful. What is good for you today, may be less important in 12 months time.
What happens during a PSYCH-K session?
The session will start with a chat and and some discovery.
Once a plan has been decided the processes can begin
The processes are easy to do, and require little to no physical contact

When the processes are completed, there will be another chat and more processes

This cycle continues as necessary.
Where can I get PSYCH-K®?
I am in Adelaide South Australia. However I perform PSYCH-K® anywhere in Australia over zoom and phone.

Reiki FAQ'S

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a safe complementary healing modality, that is gentle form of energy work designed to enhance healing.
A Reiki therapist guides energy to the receiver, to remove energy blocks which may be causing illness.

Many people have reported miraculous results.
How can I prepare for a Reiki session?
Please arrive 10 minutes early for your first session in case there is paperwork to complete.
Wear comfortable clothes you can relax in, as you will be fully clothed for the session.
What are the benefits of Reiki?
Reiki may assist with
- Pain relief
- Relaxation
- Aids the body's natural healing process
- Stress management
- Anxiety relief

Although many people report success with almost any condition.
What happens during a Reiki session?
Reiki is performed in a peaceful, comfortable environment.
Initially there will be a short chat to determine what the client would like the focus to be, but very little if any talking during the treatment
Typically you will be sitting or laying on a massage table, you will be fully clothed.
The practitioner will then lightly lay their hands on different parts of the body to provide them with energy, however physical touch is not necessary and will not be used in sensitive areas. The hands will be placed above those areas without contact.
The hands will be kept in each location for 3-10 minutes, or until the practitioner feels that the energy flow has stopped.

Crystal Reiki may also be used, in this case, crystals will be placed on or near the bodys chakra points.

A typical Reiki session is 60 minutes, but may be up to 90 minutes, at the clients request.
How will I feel after a Reiki session?
Everybody's Reiki experience is different, and this can vary from session to session as well
Many people report a feeling of deep relaxation and peace, or a sense of lightness. Some have a reduction in pain, or maybe the pain resolves entirely.
Some also report happiness, or a clearer mind.

It is also possible to experience some lightheadedness or nausea as part of the rebalancing process. This will quickly pass.