Do you

  • Live with purpose?
  • Love yourself?
  • Run your own game?
  • Have inner peace?
  • Thrive in confidence and safety?
  • Be your best self?
  • Be authentically you? your primary self

No? how would you like to?

"I am......" is possibly the most powerful statement you will ever make.

Empowering or disempowering. This statement will lift you or crush you. How do you choose to use it.?

Make an open and honest statement now, by completing this.
I am ....

How does that make you feel?
Chances are it was disempowering, but why?

Your subconscious mind "helped" you. And your subconscious is full of beliefs about yourself. Chances are these beliefs are very old, are limiting and no longer serve you.
Beliefs are the foundation on which you make decisions, including how you view yourself.

You may have been told that if you change your thoughts you can change your world?
Have you tried it? I'm guessing it didn't work for very long.

Lets look at an example of conscious vs subconscious.

Say you want to lose weight. It's new year and you make that resolution. You are determined you are going to do it. You find a new diet and join the gym and your willpower is great. you are on track. You've lost some kilos and your feeling great.

But then you get a craving for some icecream. The support starts building for the treat. "I can get back on track tomorrow", "it's only little, i can work it off", "I deserve a reward".

This is your subconscious "helping" you, and no amount of willpower will arrest it for good.

These are subconscious beliefs reinforcing why you should derail your plans.

What can you do?
The subconscious is a slow learner. It usually takes many, many repetitions to change a belief. You can repeat a new mantra until the cows come home, or you can try PSYCH-K® which can create a new belief in minutes.

How does it work?
When we have an emotionally charged life experience. The experience is stored for later reference, and causes a state known as brain dominance. In short one half of our brain dominates. The more emotionally charged/traumatic the experience. The more likely the experience is stored and the more likely we will have brain dominance in similar future situations In short you are using half your brain when you need it most.

PSYCH-K® creates a balance between the hemispheres. Known as the whole brain state. This state is ideal for creating new positive beleifs.
These new beliefs are more powerful and take priority.

yesterday i was clever, so i wanted to change the world.
Today i am wise, so i am changing myself